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Paul McElroy (Director) takes the lead in regulatory compliance and audit.  He is ably assisted by Chris Jones (Senior Consultant).  From their combined Civil Service previous employment they have a developed knowledge of investigative techniques and Home Office compliance policy goals.

Immigration regulatory compliance and case working are key factors impacting the implementation of international skills resourcing, deployment and engagement of non-resident talent in the UK.   Getting compliance wrong can lead to fines of up to £20K per migrant worker unlawfully employed.

Failure to comply with The Home Office regulatory requirements can present significant business risks including substantial financial penalties, the loss of talented employees, loss of or downgrade of sponsor licences, suspension of premises licences, closure of business premises and even criminal charges. 

Changes introduced 12 July 16 have lowered the threshold at which The Home Office can consider criminal charges against both the employer and now your employees.   

We have considerable expertise and practical knowledge of how immigration regulations affect skills mobility, and can partner with our clients to develop and execute an immigration strategy to meet their business needs.


We can assist with:

  • Sponsor licencing matters, integrate with your "Sponsor Management System" as both Legal Representative and / or registered users to ensure fully compliant issue of "Certificates of Sponsorship" and relevant "Change of Circumstances" reporting.

  • Advising on Home Office notices alleging breaches of the UK illegal migrant working guidelines and / or seeking to impose financial penalties.

  • Home Office Sponsor Licence visits and inspections, Home Office sponsor information requests, intention to downgrade or revoke sponsor licence letters and general compliance visits.

  • Implementation of tailored solutions that are fully aligned with the latest Home Office regulations.

  • Conduct of indicative immigration compliance audits and risk identification, provide staff awareness instruction and assist with compliance process development.

  • Interpretation of immigration vignettes, endorsements and cards to prevent non-compliance. Fraud and forgery detection.

We provide full business and individual immigration consultancy, case management, reporting and tracking resulting in a compliant and consistently managed process.

We can work with our clients to implement an immigration service delivery model aligned to their key skills mobility objectives and  countries of origin, enabling appropriate immigration permissions to be in place. Our immigration service delivery aims to deliver custom and cost effective solutions.

A dedicated consultant will handle each case. This consultant can remain as your employee’s contact for the duration of their assignment, setting clear expectations regarding documentation requirements, processing times, initial and extension applications, permitted time of travel and permitted employment roles - with both employees and their managers.